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Bliss is a blend of the old and the new. Michele is sharing her roots as a formally trained Classical pianist and her exploration of her own music through New Music and Jazz. Bliss represents Michele’s journey from the New York area on the East Coast to her new home on the Southern Coast of Oregon. Michele’s new husband, Steve, new friends and family and her new life in the middle of a forest with a population of 85, inspired Michele’s writing and playing for this album. Michele says “ Living so remotely is the ultimate artist retreat. I am so inspired by the surrounding nature as well as the absence of my usual city life. It has forced me to grow and know myself more than I ever expected and the music on this album reflects that growth and understanding through Classical music and through New Music and Jazz.”


1. Canon in D Major by Johann Pachelbel as arranged by Michele Goritz Berlant

Sonata in C Major K 545  by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

2. I Allegro

3. II Andante

4. III Rondo

5. Wonder

6. Matthew’s Lullaby

7. Bliss

8. Now

9. Steve

10. Sunlit Branches

11. On the Wings of an Angel…You Came 

12. Fantasy Impromptu in C# Minor by Frédéric François Chopin

13. Snicker - A Boogie Woogie 

14. Love


Program Notes

Canon in D Major by Johann Pachelbel as arranged by Michele Goritz Berlant

Originally written for three violins and cello, the Canon in D Major is made up of eight bars of music repeated twenty eight times and has become one of the most popular and best known classical music ever written. Thought to be published around 1680, the piece fell into obscurity until 1970 when French conductor Jean Francois Paillard and his orchestra made a recording that topped the classical music chart. Since then, it has been arranged and recorded for a wide variety of mediums from classical to pop. The iconic bass line has inspired composers from Handel, Haydn and Mozart to today’s composers of movies and singer songwriters.

Piano Sonata, K 545 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Added to his work catalog in 1788 along with his Symphony No. 39, and published posthumously, Mozart’s Piano Sonata, K 545, is written in the key of C Major and includes three movements. The Allegro, a lighthearted and spirited first movement, the Andante, softer, slower and introspective and the third movement, the Rondo, a lively work and the quickest tempo of the three with the opening theme returning two more times during the piece in a classic “round” format. Known as the the Sonata facile or Sonata semplice and popular since it’s publication, Mozart described this sonata as “ a little piano sonata for beginners”.

 Classic Suite by Michele Goritz Berlant

Written between 2007-2009 with all three pieces approached from Mrs. Berlant’s classical studies and understanding.


-Inspired by Michele’s experience and new found love of New Music. Wishing to fuse the freedom and “present moment consciousness” of New Music with the tonalities and harmonies of Classical Music, Wonder is an exploration of that state of mind where thought and consciousness is suspended in space.

Matthew’s Lullaby - was inspired by the first pictures of Michele’s United Methodist Church Pastor and her child in hospital. Sarah was looking deeply into the bright blue eyes of their new baby boy so intensely that Michele wondered what has she been waiting to tell Matthew all those months, and what did she decided to let him discover on his own? An atypical Rondo in format, which each return of the theme varied to some degree.


- The title track, this composition was sparked by the shake of a snow globe and the young couple skating on a frozen pond within. A story unfolded to Michele of of their journey and told through sound, Bliss uses different styles of music from Classical to Jazz to Impressionism to depict the kaleidoscope of feelings throughout the couples relationship as it transforms.

A Jazzy Suite by Michele Goritz Berlant

Written between 2008-2010, Michele approached these three pieces with her then new understandings of jazz harmonies and form.

Jazzy Suite by Michele Goritz Berlant

Written between 2008-2011and inspired by Michele’s  experience in Italy with her first exposer to a New Music Program and Festival and Jazz Studies


- Inspired by the consciousness of a moment when Michele realized ‘Now, I am happy’, while dining at Lucas Lodge on a summer’s evening. The sun cascading over Michele and her dining companions, Michele’s aunt and her husband and Michele’s new friend, Steve...at the end of the road, in the middle of nowhere...


- Written for her soon-to-be husband, Steve and composed after an amazingly too short phone conversation during their long East Coast/West Coast relationship. Michele employs jazz harmonies, chord progressions and improvisation to say what was in her heart.

Sunlit Branches

 - Waking early one morning to music “playing in her ears” Michele bolted for her piano and writing pad and for the next hour took “dictation” before the melody “faded away”. After such an extraordinary experience the question was ‘how to harmonize?’ Michele’s jazz teacher at the time, gave her a huge project ( for a classical thinking pianist ) to learn all the ii V I chord progressions in every key, major and minor, so this became the foundational harmony of this new composition. The A section all complete, the next question became “now what? where to go from here?” So, on a walk in the woods another section unfolded in a new meter ( 3/4 instead of the original 4/4 ) and the piece progressed into an A B A form with an improvisational element within the B section.

On the Wings of an Angel...You Came

One day, Mrs. Berlant received a gift in the mail from her friend, Mary. It was a manuscript book with a picture of her daughter, Geonna, standing on a sunny country road with a set of Angel’s wings from her school that cast a beautiful shadow of a great Angel. As Michele considered this wonderful picture, another friend, Judy, conveyed to Michele the news of the expectant arrival of her grand babies... the triplets! Over the following months, Judy’s anticipations, concerns, love and eagerness all swirled within Michele and a new piece was born for Parker, Peyton and Presley.

Fantaisie-Impromptu in C-sharp minor, Op. 66, by Frédéric Chopin

Chopin wrote four Impromptus, the last one, a fantasy, written in 1834 and was published after his death against the composers wishes. Some had thought that Chopin’s reasons for wanting the score to be destroyed was that it was too similar to Ignaz Moesheles Impromptu Opus 89. Famed pianist Arthur Rubinstein acquired the original score in 1960 and found that it was “composed for the Baroness de’s”which Rubinstein interpreted as a work commissioned exclusively for her use alone. As to the piece itself, the mysterious sounding introduction leads the impromptu into a straight forward A B A form beginning with a lively A section highlighting cross rhythms between the hands ( four notes in the right hand for every three notes in the left hand ) and is in the key of C# minor. The B section, in the key of Db major, offers a broader, lyrical and soulful melody, repeated several times with a small amount of variation, a stark change from the A sections material, the calm before the fantastic storm as the A section returns and swirls into an intense and surprising ending.


After playing a concert in 2013, one friend proclaimed “Hey, you should write a Boogie!” The statement shocked Michele as when she was eight years old, she tried to play a boogie bass line, got frustrated and set it aside for what became decades! Understanding and desire finally met up with each other and in the following weeks, Snicker became a reality. Using the ol’ boogie chord progression also found in Twelve Bar Blues, this piece’s enthusiasm is supported by variations, key changes and its own cross

rhythms inspired by Chopin’s Fantasy Impromptu!


Inspired by an off comment on the nature of lasting love, Michele delved into the understanding that if and when we part from a loved one for any reason, the love we experienced during our relationship is an energy that remains with us always, nurturing and inspiring us as we move forward. 

For more information on Michele and her work, please visit www.MusicByMicheleGoritzBerlant.com 

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