About Us

Michele and Steve met in 2008 in front of the Agness Store. A little spot in the middle of the Siskiyou National Forest in Southern Oregon. Michele was visiting her family in Agness, where the town center consists of one said store, a Post Office, a Library that was once the One Room School House, a Community Building, Offices of the Agness Volunteer Fire Department and Two Rustic Lodges. 

Michele, a concert pianist and born in New York City….NEW YORK CITY??… was on a trip visiting her family as she had since she was five years old. She met Steve, an Oregonian Jack of All Trades and a Master at Most, who had just finished a hike with a bunch of his friends and were resting in front of the old store. One thing led to another and Michele and Steve continued a long distance relationship until two years after they married in 2013. February of that year was their wedding month and September was the month they took on the old store and renamed it the Old Agness Store!

Using the store as their platform for their love of Oregon, they established a gift store filled with Oregon Artisan products handcrafted by small companies. To this they added a cafe to support Steve’s love of cooking and baking and completed the picture with a garden for Steve’s Garden to Table Menu. The quietness of Agness Town Center was interrupted as Old Agness Store became a destination place, drawing in tourist who enjoyed the famous Rogue River activities from literally all over the world. After three years however, the couple met with unforeseen challenges and were forced to leave their beloved store. Realizing this was an opportunity to “sink or swim” Steve and Michele chose the latter and decided to begin their transformation with an online store.

They first discovered on their new journey is that they had no clue how to own and operate an online store! LOL! The second, they found out that the products from their brick and mortar store didn’t really translate to their new online presence! So, over the next few years, many shifts took place until they settled in on the perfect platform… OldAgnessStore became  a BAKERY & SPICE SHOP! Drawing from Steve’s love for gardening and growing peppers, a Small and Micro Batch Pepper Products Store was created. Michele’s love for baking yielded an amazing Gluten-Free Brownie that when merged with a certain amount of Carolina Reaper Peppers, produced a pretty incredible dessert!

So now, Old Agness Store offers Brownies, Blondies and Bars in 10 different Flavors and 6 different heat levels ( Including No- Heat ), Small and Micro Batch Pepper Products including Hot Sauces, Salsas, BBQ Sauces, Challenge Products, Tinctures and Condiments along with Artisan Pottery, OAS Merchandise and Gift Boxes! The Best in Small, Hand-Made, Oregon-Made Products!

                                                            Wishing you the best on each and everyone of your journeys!

Steve and Michele Berlant!